First Name :   Arturo y Dessy
Email :
Message :   Leonor, Estamos contigo Vale ya debe estar jugando alla arriba con nuestro bebe Scafos besos
First Name :   trina
Email :
Message :   Please accept my condolences on your loss of your fur baby. I, too, lost my baby last year to CRF. I grieve with you and hope you will see him again on Rainbow Bridge.
First Name :   Tina
Message :   Valentin - you will always be in our hearts although we never met in person - I hope my Bandit met you at the Bridge and you are all hanging out together - purrs & prayers from us - Tina, Angel Bandit, Dami & Finnian
First Name :   Lynn
Email :
Message :   What a BEAUTIFUL Siamese kitty! My heart goes out to you, we also lost our Toby Oct. 2007 from CRF. I believe our fur babies will meet us all in Heaven one day! You did a great job taking care of him too! He had a loving home.......thats what matters most
First Name :   Raclare
Email :
Message :   Lenore, Your memorial pages are wonderful tributes to your dear little friends. A testimony to your love for them. They live on in these vivid images and in the story of their lives. I am so sorry for your loss, but celebrate the love that still binds
First Name :   Mike
Email :
Message :   So sorry to hear of your loss, and glad to read more about your time together. Love em while youve got em was the advice the vet gave me when Boris was sick with CRF, and it was great advice - Im glad I was able to. Feral cats sure are grateful once they
First Name :   Anne
Email :
Message :   Lenore, Valentin was a beautiful boy in every way. Bless you for giving him the best life he could have had.
First Name :   Martha Contreras
Email :
Message :   The site is beautiful! Valentin was so cute and the calendar photo is just wonderful. My mom also would like to say to you that shes so sorry for this, and once again, my family thank you cause you were there when my little Hercules got sick. Now he has
First Name :   KATHLEEN
Email :
Message :   LENORE..I am so sorry for the lose of your precious VALENTIN.. what a beutifull tribute for your beatifull baby ...he had a short life but you gave him much love in his short life and we will all meet again one day..My thoughts and prayers are with you and
First Name :   jackie
Email :
Message :   Such a sweet Kitty! My prayers are with you, and your angel will watch over you. xxx
First Name :   Georganne
Email :
Message :   Hola Vale: Ya estás en el cielo con Fred, Renata, Vani, Niki, Gema y Pillo. ¡Qué bueno que pude conocerte hace poco! Un abrazo de tus primos Gaby y Bombón y por supuesto de mi parte....
First Name :   Anne and Sophie
Email :
Message :   Leonor, Valentins site is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes but in joy, mostly, that he was so loved. He was truly a special boy. So glad he lived his life with you. Im sorry he is gone but I believe we will all meet again.
First Name :   Thelma
Email :
Message :   Im sorry about Vale Leonor. I know hes in heaven with my dear Petuly now.
First Name :   Linda
Email :
Message :   Lenore I was so saddened to hear that Valentin had passed. He was a remarkably handsome cat who lived his short life to the fullest. He was lucky to have you for a Mom. I hope Nati will be OK without her best friend and protector by her side. I always do
First Name :   Tazzys Siamese Rescue
Email :
Message :   Valentin was a very beautiful boy. Im saddened to hear this as Ive heard so much about him and felt like I knew him. Yes, I know he is at peace and his soul is running with all the others that have went to the Rainbow Bridge. I have a personal rescue
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